Everyday Practices That Will Strengthen the Bond With Your Child

We all have a choice – what we focus on, what we pay attention to, and how we react. Your child is learning all the time, just as you are. If you want them to grow up with good habits, then start now by setting an example.

Allocate time to do the following each day with your kid:

1. Bedtime chat

How you talk with your child at bedtime is an important part of the relationship. It’s not just about reading him a story or telling them goodnight, but also about discussing their day and sharing your feelings. This makes bedtime more special for both of you.

2. Daily hugs

Hugging is an integral part of our human relationships, and it can be just as beneficial when you’re trying to build a stronger bond with your child. Hugging is physical affection, but it also shows that you care about the person you’re hugging — even if it’s just for a moment.

3. Play together

Children are naturally playful, so playtime is a great way to develop trust and closeness between two people who may otherwise not have much in common. If your child has toys that match your interests or hobbies, play them together.

4. Positive feedback

Give positive feedback when they do something well or behave properly during the day, such as opening doors for others or saying please and thank you when someone does something nice for them at home or school. This will also help teach them proper manners.

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