As A Mom, Avoid Posting These Things Online

Technology has made life easier for all of us in many ways, but it also has drawbacks. There are instances when we need to draw a line and say no to technology for our own good.

Here are some posts you should avoid posting on social media and leave behind closed doors.

Baby poop

There are times when a baby poops, and there are times when they poop in the bathtub. The latter is something we don’t talk about, but it happens. But even if your baby poop in the bathtub, it’s not something you should post online for all to see. 

And that goes for every other bodily fluid, too: peeing, farting, burping and vomit are all things that are better left behind closed doors — especially if you’re sharing them with anyone else.

Naked photos of your baby bump

You may not even realize how much personal information you’re sharing with the world when you post naked photos of yourself as your new mommy-to-be on Facebook or Instagram. But if someone sees them and there are photos of your baby bump somewhere, they can easily tell who you are from those photos alone. So don’t do that!

Anything even mildly sexual about your kid

Nothing is more embarrassing than seeing a picture of your child’s private parts online. This could be the child’s first day at the sea or going under the knife, but it’s still too much to put on social media.

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