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European countries such as Spain, Portugal and als

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European countries such as Spain, Portugal and als

Recently, as the new route, the Nordic study heat has been high, and adjacent to the Western European countries such as Spain, Portugal and also increasingly attracted the attention of the Chinese students.
These countries are part of the EU Schengen countries, economy, education is more developed, Replica Christian louboutin shoes and the student number, the consumption is lower than the Nordic countries.However, because of the people of the country and the education system compared to the unfamiliar, so choose more car last week, crude oil prices set at $97.08, closing at $99.68 ,the highest price of $100.93 ,the lowest price of $96.31 ,or up to 2.51% . the focus of the market this week focus on fed officially launched QE3 ,which will undoubtedly bring gold and silver prices hit stitch cardiac ,also make the market of the future gold and silver prices expected to rise confidence .
At the same time ,the European Central Bank said the European stability mechanism ( ESM ) will be 10 at the end of cheap red bottom shoes christian louboutinformal operation ,and published the details .In addition ,Diaoyu Islands event and the Mid Fake rolexdle East to American hostility to the rising will also likely be pushed gold and silver prices .
This week the market focus will be relatively less attention ,mainly fed QE3 and European Central Bank OMT market response, and the world in September PMI initial value .The monetary policy :QE3 the official arrival of the era of September 14th Beijing time ( last Friday morning ) ,in order to stimulate the economy and employment growth, fed of louboutin red bottomsficially launched QE3 ,decided to buy a $40000000000 monthly mortgage backed securities ( MBS ) ,but there is no clear when the end ,buy bonds Replica Christian louboutin would continue to the labour market substantial improvement .
At the same time ,QE3 pointed out that will buy only MBS ,but will not touch the United Wedding dressesStates Treasury bonds ,a move that will he Replica rolexlp lower mortgage rates ,promote the housing recovery .First, we review QE1 and QE2 operation :QE1 November 25, 2008 Fed purchases of $100000000000 in government support agency ( GSE ) direct debt ,$500000000000 of mortgage backed securities ( MBS ) December 16, 2008 FOMC conference summary :assessing the long-term treasury bonds to buy earnings in January 28, 2009 FOMC stands ready to expand the programme of asset purchases in March 18, 2009 FOMC confere rolex knockoffsnce summary :expand the purchase the MBS scale to 1.
25 trillion dollars ,to purchase up to $300000000000 of treasury bonds by the end of 2009 March the Fed continued to buy 1.75 trillion dollar bank debt ,MBS and treasury in 2010 1 quarter ending August 27, 2010 QE1 QE2 Fed chairman Bernanke suggested that the implementati Replica Christian louboutinon of the QE2 November 3, 2010 FOMC conference summary :announced $600000000000 in QE2 ,8 months of monthly purchase 75000000000 assets in 2011 2 quarter QE2 end secondly ,we will compare QE1 ,QE2 and QE3 :QE1 QE2 QE3 some reason save the American economy and American financial industry to improve the employment rate and employment growth recovery scale 1.
25 USD $600000000000 ( 75000000000 month, 8 months for $40000000000 per month ( straight ) To the labour market appears substantially improved ) which lasted a total o Cheap Christian louboutinf 491 days 307 days to unknown effect in the Fed continued buying financial assets into the market after the end of the year 2009 dollar ,American economy begins Replica rolexesto improve ,and in Replica watches2010, a year marked the recovery phenomena ,so far the United States in the first round of Cheap homecoming dress under 100 quantitative easing policy end .
By this round of quantitative easing policy impact ,although the United States GDP growth rate of no first round of quantitative easing was recovered rapidly ,but from the second round of quantitative easing ,the United States of America unemployment rate started to decline, the current has reached its lowest point since the subprime crisis .
Unknown again, we will analyze the influenc Uggses of QE3 QE3 of the United Cheap wedding dressStates and the world :the impact of 1 short-term bond market ,the United States of America pressure drop ,pressure indicators have been back to 2010 levels ;2 in the short term, the mortgage bond market yields will drop into the lower level ;3 in the short term, the United States of Americ Cheap homecoming dressesa rating may be affected by effect of .
4 long ,may push the United States and the world ;4 long ,American economy may recover, but other countries may be affected ;5 in the long term ,the main commodities and precious metals in the long term the expected rise in price; at last ,we will measure the QE1 and QE2 period of gold and silver price range :( map: two previous quantitative easing to gold and Silver Rose :Rose includes opening price closing price calculation and the highest opening price calculation ,an Replica watchesd their respective annual rate of increase .
Tianjin Golden days ) after the precious metal analysis of measurement that :QE1 period ,international gold prices were up 35.63% ,year of increase rate of 26.49%, the silver price total increase of 63.
99% ,or annual rate of 47.57% .During the period of QE2 ,international gold prices were up 21.28% ,year of increase rate of 25.3%, a total of 83.32% international silver price rose ,rose annualized rate reached 99.
06% ,the days pass silver total increase of 73.8% ,or the annual rate of 87.75% .Through the calculation of data ,believe in on the future of gold and silver prices expected confidence will be enhanced .
Explanation :as you can see the United States monetary base in the 08 years to 4 years has increased nearly two times ,this is mainly due to the two quantitative easing ,and the U.S. pricing environment gold prices since 2008 has particularly strong attention of market of ;of half an year long QE3 finally published ,we have reason to believe that ,a new round of gold and silver prices were likely to be or emerging .
The debt problems in Europe :stable mechanism (ESM ) will be 10 at the end of formal operation in Germany has the condition through the European stability mechanism ( ESM ) legitimacy ,last Friday ( September 14th) ,the euro group chairman Juncker said ,ESM will be 10 at the end of beginning operation .
Juncker said ,before the end of 10 ,the euro area member states will be two to ESM injection Uggof 32000000000 euros ,making ESM initial lending capacity will reach about 200000000000 euros ,and is expected in the next three years will reach 500000000000 euros .
At Replica rolex the appointed time ,ESM to EFSF ( the European financial stability fund ) to play the role ,to secure the Rolex replica eurozone countries smoothly through the European debt crisis .Similarly, we return under Gu before two rescue :time course of the first round of rescue operations in May 10, 2010 in order to avoid the crisis worsened ,lead to disastrous consequences occur ,Europe issued an emergency totaling 750000000000 euros rescue mechanism, which is the European history of the most large-scale rescue operations .
Of which 440000000000 euros is the euro zone government pledged loan .For the implementation of the rescue ,the euro zone governments established for a period of 3 years the European financial stability mechanism ,as a special purpose vehicle, to issue bonds financing to help facing a sovereign debt crisis of any countries in the euro zone ;60000000000 euro will by the European Commission in accordance with the Lisbon treaty from financial markets to raise ;IMF will provide 250000000000 euros .
In order to avoid the Treasury prices fell ,to May 28, 2010 ,the European Central Bank has purchased nearly 40000000000 euros in euro-zone bond ,including Greece ,Spain ,Portugal ,the Irish government bonds, 25000000000 of which is the Greek sovereign debt .
European Central Bank the average of each trading day purchased about 3000000000 euros of debt ,2000000000 of which came from the g