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Survive and Thrive This Winter

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It’s that time of year again, some of us are in denial and hope it won’t come, but the harsh reality is that…winter is coming. In fact, in a lot of places it’s here and as much as we’d like to think we are prepared, I always find the weather sneaks up on me. That’s why I partnered with Onlia, a new digital insurance company in Ontario, to help you get winter ready!


Here are a few things I personally recommend that makes winter not only survivable but also a lot more fun.


1. Dress The Part - I have to admit I LOVE when the temperature drops and out comes my collection (yes, I have a collection) of toques (Canadian for winter hats). Not only do they keep my head warm, but they are super cute and I only have to make sure the bottom half of my hair looks good. You laugh, but we all know we go into hibernation mode and cozy and lazy go hand in hand. Just remember the bigger the pom pom the better! Toques are only one part of dressing properly for winter. Investing a good coat, boots, gloves and a hat will make a huge difference to how you experience winter. It’s really not that bad if you are dressed for it! 


2. Get Outside - One of the BEST decisions we ever made as a family was to become a ski family. Embracing winter and getting out and enjoying it the best way to make it go by quickly. I used to dread each forecast for snow, thinking about having to shovel it, drive in it, soak my boots in the dirty slush. Now when I see those flakes start to fall I smile and I feel excitement, more snow means a better ski season! Have a reason to get outside not only is good for your healthy but can be great quality time as a family. We ski every weekend, but you can also go skating, sledding, hiking, or even just build a snowman. 


3. Be Prepared - Toques and a good attitude aren’t the only thing you need in the winter, a big part of getting out and not only enjoying but also surviving winter is being prepared. Onlia is a new company offering innovative digital insurance that cares about making Canada a safer place. Together we want to make sure you are prepared for safe winter driving this season. 


Get Winter Ready with these 5 tips from Onlia:

  1. Maintain your car battery
  2. Swap all-seasons for winter tires
  3. Keep your gas tank full
  4. Warm your vehicle up before driving
  5. Check your tire pressure regularly


Pack An Emergency Winter Car Kit

  1. Ice scraper/brush
  2. Jumper cables, gear to change a flat tire, and a tow rope
  3. High-energy food that doesn’t expire
  4. First-aid kit
  5. Phone charger/power pack
  6. Flashlight and extra batteries
  7. Kitty litter, sand or traction mats
  8. Candle and waterproof matches
  9. Roadside emergency supplies
  10. Winter clothes and a heavy blanket 


AND… keep your car in good shape with regular servicing so hopefully you never have to use any of this! 


Contest time!

How are you getting your car winter driving ready? Share your tips and suggestions by uploading a photo or video and tagging and hashtags #OnliaCA & #SafeDrivingWeek and for your chance to win a $1,000 pre-paid card to winterize your vehicle…and maybe buy a toque or two too! Read the full rules here: 


This post was sponsored by Onlia.

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