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How to Keep Your Family Safe

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My family and I recently moved to “the country” and apparently closer to tornados! After watching the TV coverage of the tornado tragedy in the mid-west you realize just how devastating severe weather like tornados can be.  A week later a little tornado touched down not 20 minutes away from our house.  It made me start to think about how prepared we are; not. at. all. For any kind of emergency really.

Insured losses from natural catastrophes in Canada are now at or near one billion dollars a year, according to the insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC).  In Canada the risk of being struck by a tornado is greater if you live in southern Ontario, southern Quebec, Atlantic Canada, and the Prairies, so basically BC is safer for tornados but they have the earthquakes to worry about.

We will be preparing to protect our family from damage created by severe weather, here are three simple steps to help you too.

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