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What Saturday Night is Really About At Our House #streamteam

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Saturday nights are a special night in our family; it is time to get out the homemade pizza dough, which my husband lovingly mixes up every Saturday afternoon, and turn on Netflix. We roll out the dough, add sauce, cheese and our favourite toppings. We get ready for family movie/pizza night.

Each week we rotate who gets to choose the movie that we watch; the order goes from oldest to youngest and everyone gets a big kick out of it when it is their turn. We have a subscriptin to Netflix so it is a lot of fun to choose. For the Saturday before Halloween, my son chose Hotel Transylvannia and we all loved it!

When we started our Saturday movie/pizza night, it was really just to have fun, to do something easy and relaxed for dinner, and to give the kids the treat of eating in front of the tv. What we didn't have foresight for is just how much every member of our family would enjoy the night, and how it has become a family tradition. Family traditions are just such a wonderful part of childhood, and they make up the culture that makes us unique. They have also now become an opportunity to share quality time, to connect and to share what matters to us - each other. Part of our Saturday night routine is now to have a family meeting; we talk about what we enjoyed from the week, and even what made us sad. I love this because I get to learn even more about my kids.

In Kindergarten last year, my son told his teacher that his favourite thing in the world is family movie night. It made me smile to learn that he invests so much love into that night, when gathering in front of Netflix is not about what's on, but about gathering together. 

What is your family tradition? And how do you connect each week?

What's your favourite Netflix movie? Here are a few of our favourites from October:

Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated


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