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Super Six: Stokke Scoot

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I have a serious love of strollers, just ask my husband about what he calls "the fleet" in our garage.  With four kids I have been researching and test driving strollers for 10 years so I can definitely tell you what I love and hate about each stroller out there.  It is tough to impress me at this point but somehow Stokke always does.

My latest test drive was with the Stokke Scoot, a mid-size practical yet stylish stroller.  My feisty 21 month old and I sure put it to the test, taking the Scoot on trips on our sailboat and on a trip to California. 

Here are my super six things about the Stokke Scoot that ROCK.

#6 - Set Up - Stokke designers must be some of the smartest people in the baby products world.  They really take the time to make everything super simple.  This makes putting together any of the Stokke products unbelievably simple and the Scoot is no exception, even with four little "helpers".  The wheels click on simply, the seat snaps in place in one piece and the basket is already on the frame.  It took about 10 minutes to assemble the Scoot.

(Clean simple lines and classic colours make this a very stylish stroller option)


#5 - Quality - I find you definitely get what you pay for when it comes to strollers and when you invest in quality it makes everything easier. The wheels make for a smooth ride and easy to push, even with one hand.  The adjustable handle bar makes it easy for a shorty like me or one of my big kids to push and it extends for taller people like my husband.  It also handles all kinds of terrain very well, even boat docks.

(We didn't have any issues with the Scoot on the dock at this dock party, or on sidewalks and it was great even on grass)


#4 - Balance - The tricky thing with lighter strollers is that when you load the back up with bags hanging on the handles,  once you take your out child it tips over backwards.  I can't tell you how many times this has happened to me, but not with the Scoot. Our trusty 'The Mommy Hook' is always loaded especially when traveling but even without Scarlett in the stroller it manages to hold it balance with two pretty heaving bags on the handle.  Impressive.

(Check out the bags hanging on the back and the over stuffed basket, awesome for travel)


#3 - Height - If you are a family on the go like we are a very convenient feature of the Stokke Scoot is the height.  The seat sits higher than most strollers which is fantastic for several reasons.  First it allows for better connection between parent and child when your baby is closer to you.  Second, it works incredibly well as a high chair in restaurants.  We were at a wedding and the high chair provided didn't have any straps to hold Scarlett in, not good. So we just put it aside and rolled Scarlett right up to the table in her Scoot.  That along with our handy iPad got us through dinner at the wedding.

(Scarlett in the Scoot rolled right up to our table at the wedding)


#2 - Sleep - We depend on our stroller for nap time on the go, so it has to be comfortable and provide enough shade and ventilation for Scarlett to have a good nap in it.  The Scoot doesn't disappoint.  Although it only has two seat positions, sitting up and lying down, they are all you really need.  They haven't complicated the transition either you just clip or unclip the clips at the back of the seat and you can do it with the child in the stroller so it makes it easy to lie the seat back if your child falls asleep sitting up.

(Two simple clips make it easy to recline the seat back on the Scoot.  While mummy and daddy tasted a few lovely wines, Scarlett relaxed in her Scoot and enjoyed the bubbles at the Ravenswood Winery in Napa)



#1 - Storage - I honestly don't know what we will do once Scarlett is too old for a stroller, we use ours to carry everything, and with Scarlett being  21 months our stroller days are definitely numbered.  We use our stroller to carry EVERYTHING when we are out and about so the basket is a very important feature.  Many smaller and lighter strollers sacrifice the storage space, the Stokke Scoot has a great size basket that is easy to access . 

(We loved strolling around the America's Cup grounds in San Francisco with our Scoot and you wouldn't believe how much stuff is stuffed in the basket)

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