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Moms are just women with bigger purses – determined to balance motherhood with a full life. Wee Welcome helps new moms fully enjoy their first year of motherhood – do inspiring things, get out there, and to have fun in grown-up places.
There are 300,000 moms with new babies in Canada in any given year. They’re older, professionals, and have greater disposable income than ever before. About 60% of these moms are on 1 year maternity leave. They have time, money, and a new world in front of them. Many publications target this mom. Wee Welcome speaks to her in a voice that reflects her real need to connect.
By partnering with Wee Welcome, you have an opportunity to meet these savvy and empowered new parents on their own terms, to build relationships with them for the long haul.

Understand modern moms:
We understand that Gen X moms want a baby and a life – and we speak to them in a voice they can relate to.

Proprietary Tools: 
We give moms the tools to connect; online resources to form a group, find friends and a guide to baby welcoming locations across the country.

On the Ground:
 We’re a grassroots national organization, talking to moms at the ground level. We have local presence and local relevance.

Setting the Standard:
 We developed the baby welcoming methodology. Our listings are free. Moms rely on us as honest brokers in a saturated marketplace.

We’ve got good timing:
 Our sole focus is moms with babies under 12 months.

85% of our moms are first time mothers and many have 1 year of maternity leave.

Wee Welcome moms are a prime demographic

40% have income $75,000+

88% have university/college education

85% are 28-35

86% own a home
Wee Welcome is THE resource for moms on the go

69% visit WW locations at least once a month

94% believe it’s good for them & baby to get out

74% say they get out every day


Moms connect online

71% of moms work at the computer w/kids on laps
30% of moms have made new friends by visiting online 
community spaces


Moms connect with other moms

37% belong to a moms’ group

52% of moms’ groups have 10 or more moms

64% rely on friend recommendations if product or service is for children

Moms Connect on their terms

A trend toward edgier mom content
Mom blogs, mom-oirs, designer strollers all represent the voice of this new mom
Dads are looking to connect too
A trend toward more dads taking time off and pat leave
* Very few online resources for new dads